Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Return of "SeatleGuy"

It's strange... I was just found on Facebook by SeattleGuy-- a guy that I was dating during the first few months of my relationship with Narc. It seems that he has been back in NY for a year and is in law school. Why does it feel like I knew him a lifetime ago?

(Here's what he wrote to me:

Let me guess, you're married? Do you have a kid? Do you still sing?

Well, I finally made it to NY, last year. Am going to law school. I just got done with my first year a couple weeks ago. There's probably a lot of things that have happened, but law school has absorbed every whit of my focus, so I hardly even know "myself" if you know what I mean. New York is cool, though.

Do you still go to the Irish bar? I forget where it is; near 50th? I hope you're doing great; you struck me years ago as a really deserving person

Nice message, I guess...

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do today, so no time for a long blog entry. Yesterday was a day of artistic creation-- I had a great voice lesson (once I got my energy going) and started my oil-painting class with StarGazer. We were working on a sort of boring still-life-- a green vase, a wine glass and some brown eggs. I want to paint Tudor style portraits of my niece.

The weather is strange here. It's chilly out, but damp and muggy at the same time. It makes me feel sleepy.

On another note, I want to paint two walls of my bedroom a bright red. But part of me is afraid that it won't feel cozy in there with such a bold color. Hmm... Guess I'll sit on that decision a while longer.

Ok...that's it for now!



Sarah663 said...

Isn't it funny how people from the past show up like that? It makes me think how far I've come, yet really how not much has changed...

shorty said...

That was a very nice message that SG left you.

And he wasn't trying to get anything from you. Some people are genuine, I hope he's one of them.

Life is funny/tricky that way, people creeping in on you, then vanish.

Glad to see you posting twice in one month!

shorty said...

Been a month Hydey. Hope you are well.

Any kind of update would be great.

Miss ya!